The practice of dermatology is exciting and multifaceted but also very intense. Whether you are a young dermatologist or a seasoned expert, none of us knows everything by heart. Our task is so complex that everyone tends to forget something from time to time. In particular, when confronted with less common skin diseases, we need tailored tools to help us with difficult clinical work.

For this reason, a team from the University of Zürich (Switzerland) started developing dermakonsil in 2014. It is an assistance system and textbook with a supporting role in daily clinical activity. It helps not to forget anything about differential diagnosis, clarifications and therapy.

About Dermakonsil

Whether in practice or in clinic, dermatology is becoming more mobile. We are constantly accompanied and supported by smartphones and desktop computers. Our goal is to provide an independent academic resource that can seamlessly be used on both platforms.

Dermakonsil quickly personalizes itself to the needs of the user, making it a learning tool. Learning material can be edited with light pencils and comments at will and are available in this form at any time on desktop as well as smartphone or tablet. Dermakonsil is available on iOS, Android and in the web browser.

Your practice companion

The first step in any dermatological consultation is the anamnesis, investigation and development of a differential diagnosis. Already as a clinical beginner, one has typically a first suspected diagnosis and from this then develops a differential diagnosis. Although lists of differential diagnoses can be looked up in reference works, these are for the most part in the respective situation not applicable and therefore usually not much help. The first advantage of Dermakonsil are dynamic suggestions of differential diagnoses. From this, a shortlist is compiled within seconds, which is relevant for the current patient. Even the inexperienced dermatologist can thus take into account a complete differential diagnosis and thus misses no important disease.

In the second step, the full potential of the application unfolds. The selected differential diagnosis will be investigated and a specific clinical clarification plan will be proposed with laboratory tests, microbiological, mycological and viral evidence, biopsies, genetics and instrumental examinations.

In future releases, we also plan to provide diagnostic-specific guidance to help prevent common mistakes, as well as supportive advice – approximately equivalent to the advice of a supervising senior physician.



Functions and Content

Share your selection

Keep the conversation alive by sharing the interesting points of the sessions and even your notes!

Printable version

A new option allows the printing of individual chapters with images, or even the whole Dermakonsil.

Select segments

Save your frequent references as a bookmark and return to them again with a few buttons.

Help us to grow

Dermakonsil is an academic project designed to facilitate a major breakthrough for practicing dermatologists. Only with the help of good clinicians like you will we succeed - join in and become a Dermakonsiliarius!

Underline and take notes

Mark the interesting parts with bright colors and add your personal notes to the learning objects.

Personalized support

Each registered user can edit learning material, add comments and questions, and make suggestions for improvement.


All medicines used in dermatology are explained in Dermakonsil with application instructions, dosages, controls and link to drug compendium.

High-resolution pictures

Dermakonsil contains high-resolution, validated images for all diagnoses. After making a differential diagnosis, the images of the diseases can be compared to facilitate decision-making.


To our knowledge, dermakonsil is the world's first dermatological decision support system. Give it a try!

Disease categories

The applications content is organized in a thorough index of illness. Browse categories and thematic units in a nesting system.

Complex search queries

The database system in Dermakonsil intelligently processes each search, leading to the clinically most relevant result.

Dermatological guidelines

The European Foundation for Dermatology and national societies have already developed multiple guidelines for everyday clinical practice. These are integrated into Dermakonsil.





Differential diagnoses





Dermakonsil is available for a free download for iOS and Android

Help us grow

Dermakonsil is an academic project designed to provide a major breakthrough for practicing dermatologists. Only with the help of good clinicians will we succeed - join in and become a Dermakonsiliarius!

Dermakonsil is available as a free download for iOS and Android.



Alexander Navarini

Entire content and design of the engine

Vahid Djamei

Lead of programming the engine and database

Clinical Team:

  • Florian Anzengruber (Gesamter Inhalt)
  • PD Ahmed Jalili (Entzündliche Dermatosen)
  • Dr. med. Laurence Feldmeyer MD PhD (Dermatopathologie)
  • Lisa Kostner (Abklärungen und Therapien)
  • Carla Murer (Infektiöse Dermatosen)
  • Laurence Imhof (Ästhetische Dermatologie)
  • Stephan Nobbe (Diagnostik)
  • Rahel Bianchi M.S. Cand. Med. (Co-Author)
  • Eva Meier (Verschiedene Entitäten)


  • Hector Prieto (Content Management System)
  • Santiago Belloso (Database)
  • Anna Darzina (Content)
  • Óscar Sánchez (Development)